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Clear Essence’s current product lineup spans a diverse collection of formulations created for a wide group of individuals, delivering more than 40 products in nine different categories.

One of its first and still best-selling lines is Clear Essence Platinum line, created to tackle skin concerns familiar to people of color: hyperpigmentation, facial oil, blemish control and hydration. The line, which is intended for best use as a three-part regimen, features a variety of products to cleanse, treat and moisturize.

Among those formulations that cleanse, the Platinum line offers a medicated cleansing bar, featuring anti-microbial features aimed at thwarting acne and blemishes at the root cause, as well as a soap for normal skin, and a blemish control wash. A choice of crème, serum, or gel rounds up the Platinum “treatment” category, providing multiple benefits that include lightening of dark spots. Finally, moisturizing is accomplished through the use of its Skin Beautifying Milk, Skin Beautifying Body Oil, or its Specialist Skincare Body Oil.

As is the case with all of its products, the formulations within the Platinum line come as a result of intensive, scientific research. The company has discovered that skin irritants such as environmental impurities, chemicals or even stress can produce excessive amounts of melanin, manifesting itself on the skin surface as dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone. Featuring a blend of emollients, hydroquinone, lactic acid, botanical extracts and sunscreens, the Platinum line has been shown to block overproduction of melanin and reduce its undesired effects in the skin of people of color, while providing protection from environmental damage.

The Maxi-Tone line is another company best-seller. The six-product collection features an eclectic assortment of product, including facial cleanser, soaps, lightening lotion, fade crèmes, and a facial fade gel with sunscreen. Ingredients such as shea butter and apricot seed powder provide for effective exfoliation, moisturizing and an even-toned complexion.

Among the skin care staples such as cleansers, soaps and lotions, there are more unusual product offerings nestled under the Clear Essence umbrella as well. Within its Adure collection, a six-SKU line first introduced in 2005, the company offers products that focus on specific, problematic areas of the body. Its Bust Boost Firming and Lifting Crème, for example, uses natural ingredients to stimulate the development and encourage the growth and maintenance of bust tissue, resulting in a fuller and firmer bust area. Also included within this popular line, the Tummy Flattening Gel works to promote a flat and toned stomach, utilizing active ingredients formulated to manipulate the adrenergic system for true, localized fat loss.

While women have traditionally dominated a large portion of sales for the company, executives at Bluefield Associates haven’t forgotten about other consumers of ethnic skin care.

For Babies of color, Bluefield Associates has recently developed a baby skin care regimen designed to pamper from the top of the head down to the tiniest foot, featuring ingredients such as oatmeal to relieve irritated skin, eucalyptus and menthol to comfort, and Vitamin E to ensure softness. Ingredients were chosen carefully: Its fragrant line was created in collaboration with herbalists, botanists and skin care specialists and includes a variety of cleansing bars, washes, lotions and oils.

Men are courted with The Chimére Collection, a masculine line targeted at the grooming concerns of people of color. The simple-to-use products specifically address razor bumps, dark spots, and in-grown hairs, problems that typically plague men of color because of characteristic curly hair that tends to grow backward into skin. Combating this effect, dermatological-proven formulas use key ingredients such as oatmeal and botanical scrubbing beads to deliver fresh, smooth skin.

No matter what the target demographic, ingredients take center stage with Bluefield Associates, where all formulations are developed specifically to tackle the skin issues and problems experienced by people of color.

“Incorporated in all our formulations are effective ingredients that regulate the level of melanin. Our formulations and superior ingredients achieve optimum results of healthy, even-toned complexion and protection from future damage,” says Dr. Obioha.

Products are often multi-functional and provide several layers of benefits. Its Lemon plus Vitamin C line, for example, improves poor circulation, refreshes and reinvigorates skin, while also evening out skin tone and exterminating blemishes. Vitamin C is effectively paired with fruit acids, emollients, extracts of lemon, licorice, ginseng, gentian, aloe, green tea and sea kelp to yield noticeable results in as quick as four weeks.

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